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Brother Thomas from Spiritus Lumine

November 17, 2021
Brother Thomas is a Lightworker, spiritual teacher, and producer of the Mystical Lodge Radio Podcast. Additionally, he is the author of Escaping Boot Camp Earth: The Mystical Path to Freedom and Ascension, editor of the Spiritus Lumine website, and creator of the Brother Thomas Oracle Cards.
Brother Thomas desires to tell all worthy seekers about Spiritus Lumine--the Mystical Path of Secret Knowledge and Spiritual Power. Spiritus Lumine is the Divine Light that unifies everything. But more importantly, it is the light that unites one's personality and soul so that it might transcend this three-dimensional matrix and ascend to the higher realms above. The teachings of Spiritus Lumine provide one with the knowledge necessary for developing spiritual power and becoming a Spiritual Sovereign--who then can transcend the Book Camp Earth Simulation.  
If you would like to be a guest on our program please send an email and tells us about you and your work.
You may contact Brother Thomas at [email protected]

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