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Lisa Wetsel Akashic Record Consultant

November 17, 2021

About Lisa

Lisa began channeling the Akashic Records in 2003 and has been delivering the Records’ messages ever since.  Today she channels for Live and Private events, Classes, One-on-One sessions, and is a co-host on Mystical Lodge Radio Podcast.  As an Akashic Records Consultant, she focuses on spiritual growth and understanding one’s truth. By receiving channeled messages, individuals can gain an understanding of their past, present, and future life events.

Lisa’s journey to the Akashic Records began in 1996 when she started massage therapy school.  After graduating and working as a Massage Therapist, she found her passion for teaching and was asked to lead the school as Director.  In this position, she began studying the Akashic Records and found her ability to channel direct information from the Masters of the Akashic Records.

Lisa feels the best use of the Records is to gain understanding in order to release negative feelings or emotions.  As a person releases these feelings and emotions, they become lighter in spirit.  They find they live in more peace and harmony with themselves and one another.

For more information about Lisa, as well as the Akashic Records, Classes, Live Events, Channeled Messages, and more, go to

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