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Brother Thomas at Spiritus Lumine

December 2, 2018

Brother Thomas is a messenger of the Seventh Ray. He speaks through David, who lives in Oklahoma. Like all of us, Brother Thomas spent many lifetimes upon planet earth learning the lessons this simulation has to teach us. Now that he has trancended this dimension, he continues to help all spiritual seekers and mystics who wish to grow in spiritual power and ascend in the God-Continuum.

Spiritus Lumine is a website that teaches you about the mystical path known as Spiritus Lumine. Its purpose is to provide tools and teachings for those who wish to grow spiritually, deepen their metaphysical practice, and increase in spiritual power. Much of the knowledge found here has been hidden away from public view for thousands of years. As the Age of Aquarius dawns, Brother Thomas says there is a great urgency for humankind to increase their understanding of the Divine Light. The information at this website will help you prepare for the exciting changes ahead.

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